Interior Detailing

Home. Cockpit. Office. Kid Hauler. Whichever you call it, the interior of your vehicle is often the most used and abused area, and its condition can degrade quickly with continual use. Definitive Detail offers 2 levels of interior service, from a basic freshen to a more intense session with deep cleaning the high traffic areas inside your vehicle. Fabric and leather protection treatments are also available to help protect interior surfaces, making them significantly more stain resistant.

Refresh Service

Single Row Seating: $109+*
Two-Row Seating: $149+*
Three-Row Seating: $189+*

  • Remove mats
  • Blowout interior
  • Vacuum carpet, mats, console, all door panels and pockets, seats, and trunk
  • Clean all plastic, vinyl and leather interior surfaces as well as vents, speaker grilles, steering wheel and column, door jambs, cracks and crevices
  • Clean all glass streak-free
  • Perform light seat cleaning
  • Apply deodorizing spray

Intensive Interior Service

Single Row Seating: $189+*
Two-Row Seating: $249+*
Three-Row Seating: $299+*

Refresh Service Plus:

  • Deep clean seats(leather or fabric) with steam/agitation/extraction
  • Deep clean and extract carpet including trunk or cargo area
  • Leather conditioned

*Prices subject to vehicle inspection. Excess staining, dirt/mud, filth, vomit, trash, pet hair, or seat removal to gain access will incur extra charges.

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